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If you wish to keep your loved ones, possessions and financial future safe, you face a dizzying array of options. Life insurance in case your family must go on without you. Affordable health insurance, comprehensive auto insurance, Medicare supplemental insurance, retirement accounts, business protection…just to name a few. Trying to piece together all of these necessary safeguards can feel like assembling an enormous puzzle – unless you’re with Southerland & Associates.

Real Insurance Is More than a Policy

At Southerland & Associates, we handle these and other services for you under one roof — ours. We help you select the best policies, accounts and strategies for your particular situation and goals. We draw on our extensive connections with trusted consultants and nationwide insurance partners such as Travelers Insurance, The Hartford, Aetna and others. We will continue to guide and advise you as your life or business circumstances change over time.

Let us help you craft an insurance or financial plan that makes sense for the life of you and your business. Take your time and explore our site to learn more about us and our services. See for yourself why Southerland & Associates is so much more than just another health, life or commercial insurance agency. Then contact us and tell us what we can do to make your future brighter.

Cynthia with client Kristie Whites

Our Core Values


Thorough, Responsive and Quick Service Getting Us Our Employee Insurance 

Southerland & Associates is proactive in what they do. The service they give is thorough and responsive and quick. It was a big step for a smaller company like ours to offer our employees insurance. We took on a key-person life insurance policy, too. Cynthia and her team laid out all the options and relayed the information to us so that we understood what we were getting and the ramifications of our choices. Southerland & Associates was able to take all the confusing math that is insurance and translate it to information we could understand.
Mark Word, CEO/President for Mark Word Design (Austin, TX)

I’ve Relied on Southerland & Associates Skill, Expertise, and Vision for 27 Years

Cynthia made the effort to understand my business, which is a pretty abstract category for anyone to understand. She educated me on what the process was and I educated her on what our needs were. We’ve worked together quite well for over 27 years. Because I have relegated the professional side of this portion of my business to Cynthia for that long period of time, she’s seen us go through many changes in clients, in trends, in personnel. I’ve relied on her skill, expertise, and vision to direct me where I needed to go.
Stephen Stefanou, CEO for SCS Design, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

Partnering Companies

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