Commercial Needs

In today’s litigious society, even small mishaps can lead to large lawsuits — and if you haven’t protected your business against these incidents, you could lose your livelihood and maybe even your personal savings. That’s why Southerland & Associates offers a full line of business insurance, including general liability, professional liability, worker’s compensation, commercial property, business auto and Director & Officer policies to help you protect what’s yours.

General Liability
Lawsuits involving injuries or property damage can wreak havoc on your business if it has done nothing wrong. Cover your company with a commercial general liability (CGL) policy. We can help you purchase a business owner’s policy that includes general liability coverage, or you can purchase a separate policy to cover your business general liability exposure.

Professional Liability
No matter how skilled you and your team of professionals may be, errors or omissions in your work can leave you open to negligence lawsuits from clients. Let us protect you against financial losses from such lawsuits with a professional liability policy – an essential part of every business owner’s “survival kit.”

Director & Officer
Did you know that the directors and office on your company’s board can get slapped with lawsuits for a wide range of employment-related issues, including sexual harassment, various kinds of discrimination and wrongful termination or suspension? This complex area of corporate law continually changes and evolves, so keep your company covered with our Director & Officers insurance policies.

Workers’ Compensation
Workers’ compensation insurance can save you and your employees from potential financial ruin. This policy protects workers from financial hardship resulting from injury or death on the job by providing them with money and medical benefits, but it also protects you against the possibility of injured employees suing your company. We can get you a worker’s compensation package that fits your needs perfectly.

Commercial Property
Just as homeowners buy insurance to cover their home and belongings against disaster, you’ll want to make sure you have commercial property insurance to protect your building, farm or ranch from fire, storms, theft or other hazards that might render you unable to keep your doors open. Even if you’re only a tenant in a corporate building, we can help you cover your business’s essential assets.

Business Auto
Don’t let an accident, theft or natural disaster leave you without a company vehicle or facing a lawsuit for injuries or damage. We offer commercial auto coverage to help repair or replace that vehicle, pay for medical expenses or lost related to injuries and generally keep your business rolling.

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