Four great reasons to use an independent Insurance agent

They work for you

An agent represents you, not the insurance company. In fact, they are licensed by their state and legally bound to represent your interests. Not the insurance company’s, and not their own.

There’s no cost to you

An independent insurance agent is paid by the insurance companies, and your rate does not increase when you use an agent.

They know the In’s and Out’s

A good, experienced agent is an expert in their field. He or she will be knowledgeable about the various policies of numerous different insurance companies. This level of expertise is difficult – if not impossible – for the average consumer to achieve. When an individual is shopping for health care options, attempting to understand the plans of all the various companies, it is frustrating and time consuming at best. At worst, they are likely to over-pay to either under- or over-insure themselves.

They cut through the bureaucracy and red tape of large insurance companies

Nobody wants to sit on hold for an hour, or bounce back and forth between call centers trying to figure out the right person to talk to. Yet, all too often, when an individual is dealing with an insurance company on their own, this is what happens. Having an agent will save you from this frustration and hassle. When you need something, your agent is there to help you, cutting through the red tape and bureaucracy.

If the DIY bug strikes, remember these benefits to using an agent – at no cost to you. At Southerland & Associates, we have over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, all at your disposal. We work for you – not the insurance companies. We appreciate your business and look forward to many more years providing for your insurance needs.

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