Individual Needs

Your health, your family’s well being, your loved ones’ financial future – these are things that have you tossing and turning at night. Southerland & Associates wants to help you rest assured. That’s why we offer life insurance, health insurance, disability income/long-term care, dental/vision, Medicare supplements, auto insurance, and a host of other services so our clients can sleep easier.

Life Insurance
Life insurance does far more than protect your loved ones from financial uncertainty if you die – it also works as a savings vehicles, in combination with annuities, investments, retirement accounts and estate planning, to maintain a sound financial foundation in life and in death.

Health Insurance
We offer several different types of health and medical insurance policies to help ensure your peace of mind. Choose from standard HMO or PPO managed care plans, or select a High Deductible Health Plan in conjunction with an HSA (Health Savings Account).

Disability Income/Long Term Care
If you can’t return to work following a serious injury or illness, you could face devastating consequences from unpaid bills or unmanaged assets. We can help make sure you have the income you need.

Are you self-employed or employed by a company that doesn’t offer a dental plan? Now you and your qualified family members can get affordable, comprehensive dental insurance or discount plans without any need for a company plan. We offer a variety of options that will have you seeing more clearly and smiling more brightly.

Homeowners and Auto Insurance
You’ve made a huge investment in your home or automobile – now protect it against disaster. Choose from a standard policy that insures your home and possessions or a premium package for extra liability protection.

Our nationwide mortgage loan program can help you choose the loan that’s best for you, whether you want to qualify to buy more home, get the lowest rate, or shorten your term.

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